Chinese Massage - Self Massage Techniques

These exercises can help you relax, promote good circulation and increase the functions of various organs. If you practice these movements every day, your body will become more flexible, have less joint problems, be more resistant to flu symptoms, and increase the fighting power towards disease.


Commencing from the point between the eyebrows, use the middle fingers to rub across the foreheaed towardesw the temple region, ending in front of the ears. Repeat 3 times.
Rub the nose bridge (the slightly depressed area) with circular movements, then on both sides of the nose wings; to both corners of the mouth; to the point between the nose and upper lip, then returning to the temple.
Comb your scalp with your fingers 9 times.
Beat the heavenly drums 3 times.
Rub your ears from the top to the lobes 3 times. Pull the ear lobes 3 times.

Upper Limbs

Rub your left arm, then move down the hand 3 times (inner and outer sides). Repeat the same motions on the right side.
Use your handto form a cup-like shape. Apply hitting movements to the left arm and hand 3 times. Repeat for the right side.

Abdomen area
Males, use the left hand first. Females, start with the right hand. Place the hand so that it covers your navel regions (palm energy centres). Move clockwise first, from the centres, radiate outward, slowly spreading to the rib cage areas in 36 circles. Repeat with a counterclockwise motion.
Lower Limbs
Rub the front of the legs with both hands (palms) from the upper thighs towards the front of the feet, then return to the upper parts, moving along the back of the legs, performing 3 times. Bend down, palm cups, and apply hitting pressure behind the knees 9 times.
Make fists with your thumbs forward. Put your thumbs on your lower back on both sides of the spinal muscles. Rub up and down movements 50 times, or until it feels quite hot with a tingling sensation that radiates down the back of the legs.