Hand Reflex Therapy - Theory & Method

Hand Reflex Therapy is one of the "micro-systems" in acupuncture practice. From years of acupuncture and Chinese massage experience, it has been found that stimulation of certain sensitive points or areas on the hands helps in alleviating some physical and mental discomforts. Some soft tissue changes in the hands could also be related to certain physical bodily disorders. Treatment of the hands' corresponding points can help, if not eliminate, the physical symptoms such as headaches and joint pains. By gathering and recording all these data from various practitioners in different fields, we have developed some charts to demonstrate the body image corresponding to the surface of the hands. Due to all kinds of theories and experiences from different fields, the body image is placed or arranged in various positions. The main diversities regarding the body image are based on acupuncture meridian concepts, clinical experimental effects, reflex responses and Korean Hand Therapy.

A Micro-system on the Hand
Body Image on the Hand
Hand Reflex Therapy


Organ Locations on the Hand:
Hand Reflex Therapy

Hand Reflex Therapy Stimulation Methods

Various forms of stimulation are used in Hand Reflex Therapy. For instance, the hand may be massaged without the use of tools, or with tools such as massage rollers. Other techniques that employ the use of materials/tools include acupressure, moxibustion and application of stimulators.

Please see the following photographs for examples.


Massaging the hand can affect the whole body



Use of a blunt point to apply acupressure
(e.g. a pen tip)

Acupressure with tongue depressor

Burning moxa stick held above the skin
Small moxa pads placed on the palm
Moxa Sticks

Different forms of moxa:
smokeless sticks, smokey sticks, and mini moxa pads

Other Stimulators
Aluminum and Magnetic stimulators
Stimulators on Hand
Aluminum Stimulators adhered to the hand
Egg compress

Application of heat or cold to areas of the hand.

(See "Wonderful Egg.")

Corresponding Points
Round objects (e.g. pens) can be slowly run over surfaces of the fingers and hands to find small bumps underneath the skin. These rough patches correlate to areas of injury or abnormalities in the body (see body image). Any of the hand reflex therapy techniques may be applied to these areas to promote healing.
Corresponding Points
Smooth roller to find "bumpy" or "rough" areas