Damon's Aromarock TherapyAcupuncturist Damon Lee

Damon Lee, founder of Damon's AromaRock Therapy, is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner with over 40 years of experience. Damon's AromaRock Therapy is easy to apply, has a fast pain relieving effect, and is economical. This therapy can put your stressed, tight muscles at ease, greatly reduce or eliminate many different kinds of pain and also help you relax.

B.C. River Rocks took hundreds of years to shape, and have been absorbing energy from Nature, making them powerful objects of healing. These rocks can help balance the different physical, spiritual, emotional and mental energies within each person; this therapy can increase feelings of awareness, well being, peace and harmony, while reducing feelings of hostility, anxiety and depression.


  1. Follow the diagrams (shown below) that are applicable to your needs.
  2. Boil the specially treated natural B.C. river rocks for 2-3 minutes. Don't pick up the rocks with your hands; they are very HOT! Let the rocks sit on a piece of cloth to lower the temperature if necessary.
  3. Apply 1-2 drops of essence oil to the site [see diagrams for suggested fragrances; also, for stimulation, suggested scents are lavender (not for pregnant women), cinnamon & clove], and place as many pieces of gauze or thin cloth as you feel necessary on top (recommended that you begin with 1-2, then add more if you feel is required). Pick up the rocks with a piece of cloth or a pair of tongs and secure it onto the gauze. If the rock is still too hot, lift it up and add another piece of gauze. The treatment takes 10-15 minutes. You may repeat once more. Sometimes, the rock should be secured with a strip of cloth.
  4. After the treatment, the rock may remain warm, or you may warm it again in hot water for another minute or two. Put 1-2 drops of essence oil on the warm rock and rub along the treatment site, or on nearby areas until the skin is slightly red. This will increase the circulation and activate the healing systems. It is very soothing and relaxing.
Diagram I: Relaxation
  • Put the rocks in the middle of your palms.
  • Close your eyes. You can put your palms close to your nose and inhale the soothing aroma.
  • Suggested Essence Oil: Rose & Vanilla, Jasmine

Diagram IV: Lower Back Pain
Back Pain
  • The rocks can be placed on the painful sites or between the inner ankle and the medial melleolus bone.
  • Usually bigger rocks are used on the lower back areas.
  • Suggested Essence Oil: Lavender (not for pregnant women), Peppermint & Basil

Diagram III: Headaches
  • Put the rocks on the back of your hands between the thumbs and the index fingers.
  • Suggested Essence Oil: Lavender (not for pregnant women), Peppermint & Basil

Diagram IV: Painful muscles and joints
  • Put the rocks on the painful sites.
    (make sure there is no acute swelling or inflammation)
  • Suggested Essence Oil: Lavender (not for pregnant women), Peppermint & Basil

Elbow Pain & Knee Pain

Elbow pain Knee Pain

Shoulder PainWrist Pain

Shoulder Pain & Wrist Pain


WARNING: Essence oils are for external use only. Choose the essence oil carefully and ask the professional about their contraindictions, such as heart problems and pregnancy. Keep away from children.